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The world is accompanied by a virus. And unfortunately, almost all countries suffer from it. A lot of people get sick every day and the authorities have shut down daily life. They close the borders and ask travelers to leave the country in a friendly but urgent manner.

You may have to postpone your trip due to the Corona virus. Of course that is a pity, but it also gives you time to plan your next trip. So where do you want to go?


Africa is known for its unique flora and fauna. Here you go on safari and you may see the "big five" in the wild. But Africa is also challenging. It is the poorest continent of all. And you notice that when you’re on the streets in the big cities. Try to pay close attention to your belongings and plan a little ahead when you are in Africa. Are you planning to visit South Africa? Then try to go to Lesotho to get an extra flag on your bag.


The Mediterranean Sea separates Africa from Europe. Europe is known as the continent with the most culture per square kilometer. All those different countries and regions have built up a beautiful culture in the past centuries. And you can experience much of that culture. Do you like to collect a lot of flags in a short period of time? Then Europe is a "must visit". Because of the short distances, you can visit many countries. Also, the many mini-states are a bonus for every flag collector. In Rome you can also visit the Vatican City for an extra flag. Or San Marino and Monaco, since they are located next to the border of Italy. Perfect for a day trip.


From Europe you can go to Asia via Russia. Even though Russia is the largest country in Asia, as a backpacker you are more likely to choose to visit Southeast Asia. The special cultures and delicious food are a fantastic experience for every traveler. In addition, Asia is relatively cheap. Try to grab a three-country point. Extra flags can be earned there. For example, visit the "golden triangle" of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. And do you want to go to China? Then you can purchase an extra flag if you visit Hong Kong, Macao and / or Tibet. A tip is to sew the flag of Tibet on your bag only when you get home from your trip.


You can reach Oceania via the islands of Southeast Asia. Australia and New Zealand are both real backpacking meccas. In Australia it is also possible to work temporarily. This way you can earn some extra money for the rest of your trip. In addition, working in another country is, of course, an experience you will never forget. There are several websites that mediate in getting a job abroad. For example Backpacker Job Board. (

South America

Always dreamed visiting the southernmost tip of the world? In South America you can go very south. Here you will find rugged nature with moving glaciers and vast steppes. Towards the North, the flat, barren areas turn into rolling, overgrown jungles. Visit the jungles of Suriname or Brazil with a guide for a truly special experience. And do you want to earn extra flags during your trip through South America? Then go island hopping in the Caribbean. Collecting flags is very easy over there.

North America

When you think of North America you immediately think of the States. However, all parts of Central America is also part of North America. So from Panama to Canada (that rhymes). Do you want to cross the whole continent? Then travel via the Pan-American Highway. It runs from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Yaviza in Panama. After which, after a brief hiatus from Turbo in Colombia, it continues all the way to Ushuaia in Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. Do you want to expand your flag collection in North America? Then the smaller countries in Central America and the Caribbean are a must-visit.

We do not yet know when the measures for the Coronavirus will be over and when people are able to catch normal flights again. So plan your trip far ahead just in case. And don't officially book anything yet. Maybe from November. Or choose to wait until next year. Make sure to keep an eye on the situation in the countries you want to visit.