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If we could think about one beautiful thing that happens recently ....


Something beautiful happened while we were in Norway. We were driving from Bergen to Odda. A few hundred kilometers of drive, slaloming into the mountains , passing through tunnels to join the other side and while the light came back to us we started to see such a beautiful place. And every time we were passing in a tunnel, from dark to light, we were just amazed by what happened next, in front of our eyes.  Every time until this one. This one time was different.

A large fjord was just in front of us. Its colours were undefinable. Deep blue, sky blue, forest green we can’t tell you precisely the name cause what we had in front of us was nothing compared to what we had seen so far.  We agreed to stop the car as soon as possible, walked on the bank of the fjord and sat for a while contemplating what the Earth has to give us, thinking how we could protect those precious places as well as how small we are in this world. 

This is one of our best memories from Norway