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Hoi, hola, bonjour, hey,

szia, hallå, xin chào, ciao!

Hola, bonjour, hey, szia, hallå, xin chào, ciao!

Nice to meet you! We are Fabian, Jasper and Pim, three adventurers with a mission: sharing travel stories and experiences on a global scale. The three of us embarked on our world trip ten years ago and while we wanted to remember each place we visited, we didn’t want to add souvenirs and trinkets to our luggage. Instead, a backpack flag proved the perfect solution, and this idea marked the start of our platform www.backpackflags.com.

Our backpack flags easily spark conversations with other travellers. Sharing your travel experiences with fellow travellers is so valuable. You can talk about the greatest adventures you’ve had, the highest mountains you climbed, the best panoramic views you’ve seen or the coolest city’s you’ve visited. You can tell globetrotters about beautiful beaches, the best restaurants or the cosiest bars. Get inspired by stories from people you’ve never met before and become fast friends. Travellers create connections by telling stories and that is what we want to promote.

You can find our backpack flags – including many special backpack flags deals – in almost every country. Show where you’ve been by ordering our backpack patches and enjoy your trip across the globe! 


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