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After crossing the border from Nicaragua to Costa Rica we drove our way to the south of Costa Rica. In about 5 hours, through heavy rainfall and beautiful environments, we arrived in Uvita, in the south-eastern side of Costa Rica. We were driving in an automatic car, with not so much power. However, we booked a room up in the hills. Again, there was a lot of rainfall due to the rainy season in June. After a bumpy and slippery ride up, we arrived in our hostel, which was unbelievable.


Imagine yourself the treehouse you made in your childhood. The unstable, small house up in the tree. The hostel we slept in, was everything you dreamed off back then. It was a huge, beautiful tree house, with an unbelievable view over the forest and the ocean. In the small pond, in the garden of the house they had a pet animal. Believe it or not, it was an alligator, named Max 


We went to the beach to see the sunset, but again, clouds were coming our way (as you can see in the picture). Back in the hostel we had a beer and made ourselves a pasta. 
You might not expect this, but there also was a downside on this stunning hostel. In between 7 and 8 pm, there was a power cut. After an hour, we decided to go to bed, there was nothing else to do since we had no electricity. We were under the impression that this was the normal way to go in the middle of the forest. However, the next day the owner of the Hostel told us that this time, it was an extreme power cut, normally it only took about 5 to 10 minutes to fix it…


The next morning, we went to a beautiful waterfall (as you can see in the picture), about 5 minutes from the hostel. We had a morning swim and enjoyed the environment we were in. Normally you could also jump and slide from the waterfall, but because of the heavy rainfall, it was too slippery and hard to find your way up to the right position. We packed our bags and continued our way to our next destination.