About us

Three adventurous Dutch guys, Fabian, Jasper, and Pim were travelling the world when they started collecting flag patches from the countries they were visiting. However, after realising that not all countries had their flag patches, they decided to start BACKPACKFLAGS.COM.
"Which countries have you been to?", "Is this your first time in this country?" are questions that we all hear when travelling. Having the flag patches from the countries you have been on your backpack, you can easy show your adventures to others, have something to talke about and it's also a great way to remember your travels. Flagpatches are an easy alternative to souvenirs, and you can take them with you to your next destination.
Founded in 2009, BACKPACKFLAGS.COM offers flag patches of (almost) all countries in the world and many specials. Order your patches now and expand your collection!

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